First “real” iOS app, Twisted!

Spent a little time porting my Spiralz app that was built using Adobe’s iPhone Packager to Objective-C. For the most part it was a straight forward task, although I didn’t port all the functionality. My original plan was to create an iPad version of Spiralz, but after getting the basic functionality working I decided to switch things up a bit and I instead created a new app. Overall, it was a great experience. Despite its quirks, Obj-C isn’t so bad. The new app is called Twisted!. It’s similar to Spiralz, but with my new found ability to actually have performant animation I decided to make it a little more interesting. For a whopping $0.99 it does provide some mild entertainment.

Twisted! Icon

Maybe one of these days I’ll try to find the time to build something that’s more than just a novelty.

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