First Person 3D Engine

Wow, it’s been an amazing last couple of days with the announcement of Astro and all the hype around the new 3D API and the pixel shader language Hydra as well as some of the sneak peaks shown at Max. The community is in a rampant frenzy as speculation and confusion runs wild. Hardware acceleration, C++ getting translated into ActionScript, and Flash running Quake! It’s no wonder people are freaking out.

At any rate I figure now is a perfect time to make a little announcement of my own. Actually I confess, I already decided a few days ago was the perfect time when I posted this to the Papervision3D mailing list and John Grden is probably showing this right about now at Max. Never the less I decided this was worth a blog post.

I’ve been working on a Papervision3D based first person 3D engine. Below are a couple of screen captures from two different examples of the engine.

First Person 3D EngineFirst Person 3D Engine

Before you get too excited and run off to see the demos there are a few disclaimers that need to be expressed. First, you need a fast computer. I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is. Second, I haven’t implemented proper pre-loading so you’ll need to be patient and wait for all the imagery to load. Last, these demos are still a little rough around the edges.

Now for the controls…

Mouse click and move – look around
e – walk forward
d – backward
s – strafe left
f – strafe right

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Demo 1
Demo 2

Thoughts are welcome and appreciated.


43 Responses to “First Person 3D Engine”
  1. Michael Says:

    You are a God amongst men :)

    These are fantastic.

    It would be interesting to hear about the limitations of your engine (map size vs speed etc) and whether or not you intend to open up the source or not (no pressure)… just to get an idea of how far away this sort of experience is from the general web public.

    I’m sure Ikea would love to know, too!

  2. Pieter Says:

    This is so nice.
    I’m really excited about how everything is evolving and this is the perfect example of how it should evolve!

  3. Raul Diaz Says:

    Wow!! Really good.

    When we’ll can “play” with it?

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  5. yohami Says:

    Amazing work. Too bad flash is too slow for making games like this

  6. Paul Says:

    >flash is too slow for making games like this

    That depends on the pace and complexity of the game. Even in its currently limited state there is plenty of opportunity and potential for building games on top of the engine.

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  8. Michiel van der Ros Says:

    Holy crap dude, that is *very* impressive!

    Runs smooth as butter on a Macbook Pro Core2duo. Would be interesting to see the frame rate in the corner.
    Good luck with the further development.

  9. Erik Says:

    Very nice mate. Very very nice.

  10. Erik Says:

    IKEA knows ;)

  11. Jim Blackler Says:

    Great work, very promising indeed.

    I don’t mind the lack of preloading, I think the ability to “stream in” the textures illustrates a selling point of Flash vs Shockwave.

  12. Step Schwarz Says:

    Wow. Nicely done!

  13. PeZ Says:

    Excellent Work? Will it be available soon? :)

  14. Scott Says:

    Wow, runs very smooth on my AMD64 3500+. Can’t wait to see what will be possible once Astro is out, even though it may not be HW accelerated, 3D transformations should be faster since their are native to FP10! Love your site!

  15. Fabrice Closier Says:

    Very nice Paul, as usual, this should be the quality standard for Flash3D.

    Your fan, Fabrice.

  16. NPC Says:

    Wow, awesome rendering!
    Can’t wait to see what games come out of this kind of work.

  17. Matt Heimlich Says:

    That’s pretty amazing right there. The only problems I can see with the engine in my few minutes of playing around with it is that everything warps sharply as they near the camera. Other than that, it’s amazing what can be done with Flash these days. Keep up the amazing work.

  18. macshome Says:

    Very cool, but is there any reason you went with ESDF for the control keys rather than the standard WASD? Until I re-read the docs I wasn’t able to move around…

  19. Robert Seddon Says:

    Too many variables to permit a meaningful comparison with but these demos are nice and smooth once they’ve loaded (on a system a few years old).

  20. Arthur Says:

    great work! will you try to implement light-effects also?

  21. JLateralus Says:

    Great job! I can’t wait to see more.

    By the way – nice kitchen! :)

  22. abcdfeg Says:

    i would say its very nice
    good job!
    im interested in the following proseture.
    one bug: in the kitchen is the picture like not really good,
    it moves and it is not even!

    amazing what could be sone today!!!

    mfg abcdefg

  23. Benjamin Says:

    Is this Wii Compatable?

  24. JAN0L Says:

    if it is realy just flash i have 2 say just one thing WOW

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  26. Nikita Says:

    Two things are missing. Zombies and crowbar. =)

  27. Martin Wheeler Says:

    great work – and fast enough even on my old dell laptop.
    Will keep my eye on this – the web has been 2d for 2 long!

  28. Paula Says:

    Holy S**t, that’s amazing! I’m guessing this is Actionscript 3.0 not 2.0…

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  31. Michael Says:

    Amazing flash fps engine, ive seen a couple of them, this is the best i have ever seen. Obviously the click to drag isnt that great, i have seen a mouse move one done before (on newgrounds or something).
    Once again truely amazing.
    :) keep working on em.

  32. sstark Says:

    Great resource!

    Ive been playing with pv3d a while now, and I’ve released a small game called christmas chaos.

    you can play here:

  33. architekt Says:

    Looks quite impressive :-)

  34. oleg Says:

    unbelievable. Its realy Flesh? I dont even know that it could be done with flesh technology

  35. gerardo Says:

    eeei great demo. please give us the source of it!!

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  37. benbill Says:

    Hey (it’s fantastic),

    I have a question.

    I use Papervision 3D and i would like to have the same camera than you in the room.

    My probleme is when i click on the scene.
    example :
    The movement of my camera is not the same as you;

    it’s possible to help me.

    Sorry for my english (i’m french)

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  39. Jerome S Says:

    can I get the source code for this?

  40. Madsoft Games Community Says:

    Did anything ever come of this? its been a couple years since this post and i don’t think I’ve seen game tech using this :-(

  41. Flash video websites Says:

    wow. this is really cool. Just as a demo this thing is really top notch. Fast computer is to be expected. This looks really rich…Congrats!

  42. Architekt Koeln Says:

    amazing 3d engine! any any idea if some games are using it already?

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First Person 3D Engine

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