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Evident by the many impressive demos that are spreading like wildfire throughout the community, the open source Flash 3D engine, Papervision 3D, is taking the Flash world by storm. It’s interesting that Papervision caught on like it did considering another open source 3D Flash engine, Sandy, with many similar capabilities has been around for some time. I guess some things are just, before their time. At any rate, I encourage anyone interested in 3D to take some time and explore Papervision. It’s an amazing engine.

I myself have been spending a great deal of my free time getting to know the engine. It’s quite fun and I’m always awed by the fact that, this is Flash. My latest experiment involves streaming video. It was inspired by the great work done on The North Face Kiosk by close friends and colleagues, Darren and Tommy. During the development of The North Face Kiosk I never thought what they were doing with WPF would have ever been possible, with acceptable performance, with Flash anytime in the near future. I was wrong, take a look…

Flash Video 3D

There are obviously limitations with how far this concept can go but, I think what this demonstrates is promising. Flash has really come a long way and, as usual, it’s future is brighter than ever. The Papervision community is really pushing Flash and there are going to be many more great things to come.

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  1. Ralph Hauwert Says:

    Very nice demo Paul! That we might approach what WPF can do is great, that means we already surpassed WPF/e ;-)

  2. Mike Downey Says:

    Paul, this is one of the most impressive Flash examples that I’ve ever seen. Great work!


    Mike Downey | Sr. Product Manager, Apollo | Adobe Systems | mdowney -at- adobe.com

  3. zeflasher Says:

    Nice one…
    And you are right. Sandy is around for some times and have the same capabilities…
    Maybe should should do a demo with it as well and let us know what you think of it…
    Cheers ;)

  4. Campbell Says:

    Awsome bro! Just sync the audio volumes of the clips with proximity to camera and you have it sorted!!! NICE!

  5. Thomas Goddard Says:

    You are the master, dude. This is the most impressive Flash demo I have seen to date. It sparks some serious thinking about the possibilities of Flash. I hope you drive ph34r into the hearts of the l337 ;)

    It’s nice to see you come back with a bang and inspire people with work like this but I would love to see some HD content playing on those faces.


  6. Marco Di Giuseppe Says:

    This definitely pushes the envelope, and sets standards. Without a doubt the coolest flash example to date.

  7. shunjie Says:

    Great wow. Definitely shows what Flash is capable of. The future is here!

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  10. C4RL05 Says:

    Excellent work, Paul.

  11. David B. Says:

    Wow! This is simply amazing. I’d love to see a tutorial along with source code for that…

  12. webwonk Says:

    I have to second that – this is too cool to not share with the community. I’d love to see tutorials and/or source – wow!

  13. Steve Says:

    Any chance we could get the source code for this? that would ROCK..

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  20. Iain McDonald Says:

    Great work. We’re really excited about Papervision. Love seeing this stuff. Well done Paul.

    Iain McDonald
    Creative Director | Amnesia | Avenue A Razorfish

  21. POWERFLASHER Blog Says:

    Was die Flashwelt bewegt…

    Begeisterung in unseren Reihen löste das unter dem folgenden link vorgestellte Projekt aus: Drei Videos werden mit “exorbitant guter Performance” in 3D gestreamt. Realisiert mit der Papervision Engine..take a look:

  22. Daniel Wabyick Says:

    Paul, I would hate to pay your hosting bill this month! Awesome work, as usual!

  23. bob moore Says:


    This is remarkable!
    Now it’s a whole new ballgame and you set the standard.

    Blew my socks off !

  24. Don Burnett Says:

    This is a really neat extension for flash, but considering Swift3d has been around a while I fully expected to see this kinda thing or better a few years earlier than what we are. It’s like when the Amiga came about and had their bouncing “boing ball” demo and other platforms rushed to make a version to show that they were just as possible and still as viable. Woo hoo!

    This is great for flash, but it kinda misses the point of XAML and wpf and wpf/e in general. Saying this isn’t possible in WPF/E is just a misnomer too, even if they don’t support 3d tags directly “YET” doesn’t mean you can’t do with it exactly what folks are doing to with flash in this instance to make it possible.

    Microsoft has also taken it a step forward from this and now supports 2d “controls” on 3d surfaces, check out this video: http://channel9.msdn.com/Showpost.aspx?postid=266036

    I am very excited that this is available for Flash but not for the reasons you guys are. The “competition” with wpf/Xaml will definitely be the kick in the pants flash developers need to move the technology forward into areas they should have been working on before but didn’t because it was safe and no one had done it before so there was no impetus.

    It’s really the “me too” nature of the business, if something is truly innovative someone else rises to meet that capability to stay viable themselves..

    This whole thing just proves what people think are performance impossibilities aren’t.

    If anyone is interested in using XAML for Flash development, for over a year a solution has been available. Nobody took XAML seriously until WPF became a reality. But this is a very cool tool as well and it was initially overlooked. Check out this press release.. I hope this shows up and is available for flash again..


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  27. darren david Says:

    damn, man, nipping at our heels. ;) I’d be curious to see how flexible the framework is for supporting databound elements and interactivity/transitions. I imagine it’s just a matter of writing the code, but regardless, it’s killer to see that you were able to kick Flash up a notch. Would also be curious to compare where perf limits kick in vs. WPF…

  28. drawkbox Says:

    Check this out from the papervision threads: http://hem.bredband.net/b483353/infinite/index.html

  29. drawkbox Says:


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  33. p shah Says:

    that is just so cool :)

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  35. AlexD Says:

    These Carousels keep getting better and better.
    It’s hard to believe that you can do this in Flash.
    Are you willing to share the FLA and ActionScript? :-)

    Great Stuff!


  36. SpaceDragon Says:

    Back in 80s – video people were using this kind of effects for TV. This technology was overly abused in 80s and were never really accepted by audiences. Logically – you can’t see flying objects mapped with videos on TV anymore. Why? Because it makes no creative sense. On web, not only it does not make any sense to do this, but is insane. Menu with 10 moving videos? No thanks! Todays Internet bandwidth can not support even single stream of decent video, let alone 2-3 normal res streams… Let’s just sober up… Anyway I’m looking forward to see flash go into history as software that was holding up the look of animation on the web in pre-historic ages for nearly a decade : )

  37. Alison Says:

    Great video there Paul! Thanks for sharing it with us. I can’t wait to get my hands on this piece of kit.

  38. Dubai Web Design, Development Says:

    Excellent example in flash. I wish i could get the code. Any one knows similar blog like that one. I love to see it.

  39. Flash Monster Says:

    fantastic work Paul! I’m so excited about Papervision. Is there any change to get source files? Please let me know via email if it possible. Thanks.

  40. Dubai Web Design, Development Says:

    Amazing Action Scripting in Flash. Are there any other 3D work you have ? If we want to buy how much does it cost to us.

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