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Flash Video on 3D

Evident by the many impressive demos that are spreading like wildfire throughout the community, the open source Flash 3D engine, Papervision 3D, is taking the Flash world by storm. It’s interesting that Papervision caught on like it did considering another open source 3D Flash engine, Sandy, with many similar capabilities has been around for some time. I guess some things are just, before their time. At any rate, I encourage anyone interested in 3D to take some time and explore Papervision. It’s an amazing engine.

I myself have been spending a great deal of my free time getting to know the engine. It’s quite fun and I’m always awed by the fact that, this is Flash. My latest experiment involves streaming video. It was inspired by the great work done on The North Face Kiosk by close friends and colleagues, Darren and Tommy. During the development of The North Face Kiosk I never thought what they were doing with WPF would have ever been possible, with acceptable performance, with Flash anytime in the near future. I was wrong, take a look…

Flash Video 3D

There are obviously limitations with how far this concept can go but, I think what this demonstrates is promising. Flash has really come a long way and, as usual, it’s future is brighter than ever. The Papervision community is really pushing Flash and there are going to be many more great things to come.

The Dawn of a New Blog

I’ve been holding onto this domain for a while now. Originally I had grand plans for some kind of community content driven site with nice articles and pretty pictures. Of course in reality I never found the time to get it up and running. More recently I have been wanting a place to post some thoughts, ideas, code, etc. and decided this would become that place.